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 I always welcome applications from skilled and motived students for Master and Bachelor thesis.

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Science and sailing to collect environmental data during the Vendée Globe race (English)

Unprecedented ocean warming in summer 2023

The Adaptive Emission Reduction Approach

I have also made substantial scientific contributions to improve our understanding of past and future changes in ocean acidification (e.g. Steinacher et al. 2009, Frölicher and Joos 2010, Gruber et al. 2011) and changes in net primary productivity (e.g. Stancher et al. 2010). 


As a former senior Research Fellow of the NF-UBC Nereus Program, I established a long-term collaboration with scientists at the University of British Columbia with the goal to assess the response of maximum fisheries catch potential and ecophysiology of marine water-breathing organs to climate change and associated changes in ocean environmental conditions (e.g. Cheung et al. 2013, Jones et al. 2013, Fernandez et al. 2013)