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 I always welcome applications from skilled and motived students for Master and Bachelor thesis.

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Unprecedented ocean warming in summer 2023

The overarching objective of my research vision is to develop a modeling framework that brings together the physical, biogeochemical and ecological aspects required to gain a mechanistic understanding of the fundamental drivers determining the uncertainties in ocean ecosystem-carbon-climate projections. 


Since the start of the PhD, I have gained substantial experience in the study of the interactions between climate, ocean physics, ocean biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystems using models (e.g. GFDL ESM2M and NCAR CSM1.4-carbon), theory and observations. My research has led to numerous peer-reviewed publications, including studies published in Nature (and its offspring) and Science. 


A selection of my specific research interests and projects are summarized here:




Southern Ocean heat and carbon uptake


Transient climate change and cumulative carbon emissions


Oxygen changes and ensemble modeling


Carbon Cycle response to volcanic eruptions


Changes in ocean ecosystems and fisheries