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Science paper on marine heatwaves: media coverage (September/October 2020)

University of Bern: DE, EN, Oeschger Centre: EN

Newspapers: NYTIMESInside Science, APA, Le Temps, Science Alert, Forbes, YaleEnvironment360


Wie nimmt man einem fiebrigen Ozean die Temperatur? (ab 5:05 min; SRF Wissenschaftsmagazin, 2020)

Deep ocean oxygen may increase with climate change (AGU EOS, September 2020)

Zu heiss, zu heiss, zu heiss (Horizonte - Das Schweizer Forschungsmagazin, September 2020)

Return of the Blob could intensify climate change impacts on Northeast Pacific fisheries (Press release UBC Canada)

Dead birds washing up by the thousands send a warning about climate change (Inside climate news, January 2020)

Radio interview SRF4 News about ocean heat content record in 2019 (January 2020)




Why is the Gulf of Maine Warming Faster than 99% of the Ocean (EOS, November 2018)

Ocean's soaking up more heat than estimated (BBC, November 2018)

Interview in Zeitung D'Region (Sondermagazin Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit, November 2018)

Climate changes is driving ocean oxygen declines (Oceana, October 2018)

Deep coral reefs are not the safe haven scientists hoped (Axios, September 2018)

Nature podcast (Nature, August 2018)

Climate changes has doubled frequency of ocean heatwaves (Nature, August 2018)

Jetzt schwappt die Hitzewelle in die Ozean (Blick, August 2018)

Das Meer leidet unter der Hitze (Tagesanzeiger, August 2018)

Climate change multiplies harmful marine heatwaves (Phys.org, August 2018)

Climate change is cooking the ocean (Earther, August 2018)

Restricting global warming to 1.5C would 'halve' risk of marine heatwaves (carbonbrief.org, August 2018)

In hot waters: Global warming amplifies risk of marine heatwaves (Axios, August 2018)

La mer aussi se réchauffe (Le Parisien, August 2018)

Especialistas alertam que aquecimento does oceanos ameaça vida marinha (Correio Brasiliense, August 2018)

Unterschätzte Gefahr: Hitzewellen im Meer (Klimareporter, August 2018)

Ocean heatwaves have doubled in frequency over the past 35 years (Forbes, August 2018)

Heatwaves in the world (Kommersant, July 2018) (in russian)

Der Golfstrom schwächelt (Tagesanzeiger, April 2018) 

Der Golfstrom schwächelt (Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 2018)

Marine heat waves have become '34% more likely' over past century (Carbonbrief, April 2018)



Global warming disrupts fish stock (ETH Zurich. English, German, December 22)

1.5C Paris Agreement target could net six million tonnes of fish annually (Nereus Program, December 22)

Heatwaves in the ocean - a risk to ecosystems? (ETH Zukunftsblog. English, German, September 16)